For our local shoppers, our packets include a free one-hour question and answer
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With the purchase of our prepackaged curriculum, you will be able to
contact us for any questions you may have that arise during the
school year that you purchased curriculum for.

We are in the business of helping your children succeed with academics. As parents, you may utilize any method you choose to accomplish this goal for your children, whether private, public or home school. We are ready to help. 

For varying reasons, sometimes parents decide to give homeschooling a try. 
If you have been considering taking on this important endeavor, you may already have discovered a multitude of options for curriculum.  You may have also found that everybody has a different opinion of how you should homeschool and what you should use.  It can be pretty overwhelming to decide which curriculum to begin your journey with.

We have successfully homeschooled our children for over 30 years and have been helping others for longer. Our youngest graduated five years ago. 

As a result of our counseling experiences, we have developed our own philosophy especially for parents lacking knowledge of knowing how to begin to teach their children.  We believe our method enables parents to begin this task without all the confusion that most new homeschool parents go through.

The first year is what we call the "question and answer" year.  Within it, parents should be able to learn much about how homeschooling works in their own family.  They also should learn which type of curriculum may suit their individual needs. We believe it best to begin with ease.  Start with curriculum you, as a parent, can easily become accustomed to.

Keep it simple!

In the years to follow your initial year, if you wish, venture out into some of the other recommended products and methods.  Try some of those "multi-grade", "literature-based", "classical" or "unit-study" type programs.  By then, you'll be better equipped at handling the job at hand with a solid year of experience under your belt.  Many continue to utilize our prepackaged curriculum for years after their first, due to their simplicity.

Each packet includes all courses plus a blank lesson plan book for you to schedule
your own school days. Our packets are user-friendly.

Our packets may be customized. Parents may mix and match different grade levels for
subject. Also, we are able to remove a subject or two if such is already owned before
purchase is made.

Call for pricing and purchasing information.
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 "I really like the reading materials you put in the curriculum.  I believe they really have helped my son with his vowel sounds and has really encouraged him to sound out words.  I love that I am able to be there with him as he begins to sound the word out, and see his sweet expression when he says the word! 


Thanks again for your help!"


Prepackaged Curriculum for Grade K

 “You have been a life-saver for our family. When our daughter went through some very difficult circumstances in school, we knew we had to make a change for her. A friend recommended we contact Curriculum Cottage for help. Your experience and expertise enabled us to begin homeschooling without insecurities. Thank you so much for all you provide to our community.”


Shelly and Brian

Prepackaged Curriculum for Grade Six




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"Thank you so much for your help. Your prepackaged curriculum services are what gives me the confidence that we can continue 

homeschooling into the next grade level."



Treasure Valley